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Demetrios "The foo dog and Aztec jag ring that I bought… very cool and lot’s of compliments!"

Jacob "What I normally do is scour everywhere for a s****y $10 replica to see if the size look and feel are satisfying once that information is ascertained I dive in and get the real deal.

Here's my problem....THERE ARE NO S****Y REPLICAS!!!! This is a one of a kind masterpiece"

Andrea "The best present ever it’s amazing. I love it."

Bill "Just got the skull wave in the mail a couple days ago and holy hell is it bad ass!!! In all honest, probably the best ring in my extensive collection…I swear I want one for every digit"

Joe “Absolutely love my new ring! The detail is amazing”

Jade “Your rings are the absolute best, when it comes to quality, creation, style and feel. I just had the greatest feeling when I put my ring on for the first time!”

Chris “The detail is pretty amazing and I love the Aztec theme”

Ryan "I’m in love with the detail to be honest, and I think the design is so cool I’ve literally not seen anything like it anywhere else it’s a beautiful piece thanks so much for making it!"

 No fancy models here! Just real people who love our designs and quality.