How we create awesome jewelry for you!

A lot of work goes into producing every piece of jewelry. Watch the video or read the full process below that will give you a little insight into the production process after you place your order. 


1. Firstly the design is prepared in wax and attached to a wax tree.

2. The casting process is done and each piece is cut off the tree and desprued.

3. The piece is then put in a tumbling machine for cleaning.

 4. The silver is then oxidized to make the surface black.

5. The surfaces are filled and sanded then smoothed with coarse silicon carbide then fine silicon carbide. 

6.  Finally it goes through the polishing process.

7.  Then it’s boxed and shipped to you!


There's actually a lot more steps than the above but that will give you some idea on the magic that happens behind the scenes when you order.