How to make your Sterling Silver Jewelry Shine Like New Again!

952 sterling silver will inevitably tarnish due to a reaction with the sulfur gases in the air. The silver will darken and discolour on the surface over time as it reacts to the air around it. 

Some people prefer the antiqued look and some people love their silver as shiny as when they first got it. 

The good news is that there is an easy way to make your sterling silver jewelry brand new at home! 



There are lot's of silver cleaning products out there, we've found that Silvo works extremely well for our jewelry.

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We recommend Silvo wadding pads, these are pieces of fabric containing the silver polish liquid. You can simply tear them off and start scrubbing your piece of jewelry. This way you don't have to buy polishing cloth separately. 

As you start scrubbing you will see the pad start to darken as it removes the tarnish. 

Once you finish scrubbing, wash your jewelry off in running water and you will see how shiny and new your jewelry looks! 

Repeat the process if you notice any more areas of tarnish.