What Skulls represent today in Men’s and Women’s Jewellery

In most cultures, the skull is a distinct representation of death. It is a tough image associated with many deep meanings. Skulls are fashionable in some cultures and not so much in others. Skulls are displayed in modern silver jewellery worn by men and women today. 

Adorning the skull in jewellery such as rings can be a symbol of resilience. Wearing skull rings can be used to represent bravery, the holder is showcasing the life and death struggle.


Skulls are popular for multiple meanings and uses throughout various cultures around the world from ancient to modern times. Most cultures today associate skulls with evil and death. Whereas some ancient cultures believed that the skull had an opposite meaning.

Civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs and Maya used skulls to symbolize the death and rebirth cycle. Ancient Aztec rituals and ceremonies are now known as the “Dia de los Murtos”, or “Day of the Dead”, which is still celebrated in South America including Mexico and segments of Latin America.


In the Elizabethan Period in Europe, “Death’s Head Skull” rings or a skull without its jaw were worn as a symbol of membership in the underworld. This representation of the human skull is seen used today as an emblem for motorcycle gangs and clubs, a symbol separating themselves from systematic society.

What does wearing a skull ring mean for you?

Skulls are the most recognisable part of the human body, thus it makes for a hardy symbol. Skull rings are a popular symbol for nonconformists such as bikers, or heavy metal enthusiasts. A skull ring is a path for accepting and comprehending your ultimate fate. Yes, skulls are reminders of the forecast of death however, the message is important. Your time on Earth is finite, go out there and conquer! Make the most of every day you have and build momentum while representing your strength by wearing a skull ring. 


Skull enthusiasts boast that skulls are a symbol of a powerful life. Many associate skulls with the afterlife in many regions around the world. The symbol of a skull is seen to be an optimistic celebration of immortality. A skull is a part of a human body that is left behind after decomposition. It is lasting, it shows strengths and integrity. 

In conclusion

Skulls have been and are still used by individuals to display their own strength and bravery in the face of mortality. It has grown to speak for people who live outside of societal norms. Skulls constitute defiance and people who don’t want to listen to the man.

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