What Makes Sterling Silver Skull Rings Popular Among Bikers?

The 21st century is an era of expression. In order to come out with a statement of your own, building a personality that speaks for itself is the key today. For this, your interests, hobbies, daily routine, apparel and accessories are some representative elements.

Every other distinct apparel and accessory reflects a unique personality. Talking of accessories, an important type that has been in fashion among the biker community is the sterling silver skull ring. The sterling silver skull jewellery has different meanings in different communities.

For some, it represents the mortality of humans, and the afterlife and ensures safety during bike rides. As per another popular belief, the skull mark on sterling silver biker rings represents a totem against death. It is believed that Grim Reaper (death) leaves a skull mark. However, if you already flaunt that mark, it feels that it has already been there and goes back. There are some more reasons why bikers prefer sterling silver skull rings. Listed below are some of these reasons.

1.  They are Timeless Jewels

In terms of vibe and fashion, sterling silver biker rings are classic pieces that have stood intact through the sands of time. For someone who wishes to invest once in accessories like rings and bracelets, the skull rings are the best fashion accessory.

Famous among bikers, the men's silver skull rings were first discovered by the same community about 70 years ago. Still, in demand, the early forms of sterling skull rings were made up of yellow melted coins. However, today the sterling silver skull has found a special place among the bikers.

2.  They are Durable

The men’s sterling silver biker rings are made up of sterling silver that provides it great strength. There are many reasons why the white metal is used to form the sterling skull rings. As per a theory, ancient traditional rituals and cult traditions used silver in their experiments. Also, silver matches the color and texture of the chromed motorcycle elements. So, bikers love the white metal used in the manufacture of the silver skull rings.

Apart from these reasons, silver has a good strength characteristic. Since sterling silver is solid metal, it is not easily breakable and does not bend easily. It possesses the property of Pliability. It is a characteristic that allows forging any design or shape on the metal and also allows polishing, embossing, engraving, roughening and blackening.

3.  They Suit Everyone

The Sterling Silver skull jewelry is a jewelry piece that suits everyone. It was once believed that the sterling silver skull is only suited for bulky hands with beefy bodies. However, the introduction of white metal used to produce skull rings allows intricate designs to be embossed on these rings.

The skull rings are now manufactured with designs that hide skulls skillfully inside them. Also, now it is possible to manufacture sterling silver skulls of all shapes, sizes and designs.


The biker skull rings are some of the best pieces of jewelry that bikers especially love. The men’s sterling silver biker rings have been in trend since ancient times and still continue to do so. In case you have a friend who loves bike trips, and is an enthusiast of accessories, gifting him men’s silver skull rings would surely be a worthy gift. Also, buying one for yourself is also a great option if you like the feel and vibe of them.