What Do Skulls Symbolise In Biker Culture

Different societies have been worshipping skull emblems for millennia, before the invention of motorcycles.

Skulls have been featured in artwork and described in ancient textbooks, and multitudinous archaeological excavations prove that lines frequently used skulls in rituals. A skull conveys death, mortality, and decay, which can be seen through the image of a skull and crossbones as an index of dangerous misfortune. In addition, a skull denotes trouble. Thus, rovers and buccaneers frequently put it on their flags and banners.


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Skulls can constantly be noticed on motorcycles and their riders. Does this mean that they want to ransack metropolises or summon the god of war? Well, of course, there are numerous scumbags among motorcycle gangs but in general, bikers don't wish to hurt anyone. They just want to hang out with musketeers and ride their sword nags. So, why do they keep the sign of death so near if they surely don’t want to die in the defile or beget detriment to others? It turns out that a skull isn't only death and peril. It carries a positive meaning as well. Let's learn why bikers love skull particulars and what they signify.


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Biker Culture and Skulls The Origin

After the end of World War II, about half a million youthful lately dismissed military veterinarians returned to the United States. The changes they've seen in society, coupled with recollections of the horrors of war, made them, to some extent, apostates and revolutionists. At the same time, the US Army was getting relieved of thousands of Harley Davidson motorcycles involved in the war but now being a burden. Unwanted people and machines have formed a strong symbiosis which we now know as the biker movement. This bond was salutary for everybody the riders recaptured their purpose in life and the American army wasn't only suitable to vend motorcycles profitably but also managed to save a lot on remedies for stagers. Bikers indeed came up with a joke" You'll noway see a motorcycle situated near a shrink’s office."

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New folklore was born but it still had to develop its own button. The military history of the motorcycle clubs ’ members has come to the deliverance. They began to magnify their mean machines and ride gears with totems of their military units. Skulls and all their kinds( Crossbones, Death's Head, Jolly Roger) can frequently be set up on the warfare of colourful land, nonmilitary, and aeronautics military units. Why? It's simple, such an intimidating image was supposed to inseminate fear in the adversaries. Fortunately, skull symbolism harmoniously blended in with bikers who weren’t all that warm and fuzzy themselves.


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