Things to Know About Foo Dogs - A Creature from Ancient Chinese Mythology

The gift from ancient Chinese gods is known as stone lions which are quite symbolic of the Asiatic lions. These are known as Foo dogs in the western region where these sculptures are placed at the entrance of important places to guard up the space and people. 

This ancient foo dog has been linked to the history of Southeast Asia and China for centuries. According to the Asian culture, these ancient Chinese foo dogs are complex creatures with multifaceted expressions connected to a positive light. People keep the ancient Chinese foo dog rings as a symbol of luck and prosperity. 

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What are Foo Dogs and Their Position in Chinese Mythology? 

In Chinese mythology, a lion is often considered a divine and loyal beast that has supernatural powers to ward off evil spirits. As per Chinese lore, the stone lions are said to cleanse shar chi (poison arrows) which represents the negative energy released from dark corners, diseases, crowds, or jarring structures. 

Due to this reason, the foo dogs statues are often placed inside the entrance of Buddhist temples. This practice later became a ritual in palaces, and important places. These lions are considered guardians who have the ability to detect good and bad intentions.


What does Foo Dogs Signify?

The Foo dogs are believed to illustrate the powers of yin and yang (masculine and feminine). The female expresses the strength to nurture and care with love and healing power. She is depicted as the protector of the inner soul keeping a closed mouth and giving the M sound of OM. 

Whereas the male counterpart represents the outward energy to dominate the physical world. He shows ferocity, power, strength, and aggression. The male is shown with his mouth open warding off the evils with a spiritual roar speaking O sound of sacred OM. The male protects the building grounds while the female guards the inside people. 

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The Appearance of Foo Dogs in the art form

The Foo dogs are normally depicted in a fierce form. This outlook prevents evildoers who ever want to enter with any malicious intention. The foo dogs are shown with stylized eyes, teeth, and claws. 

The male lion includes an embroidered ball signifying the world while the female shows a cub signifying the lifecycle. The Chinese totem focuses on real power whereas in Europe the sculpture is more lifelike with rippling muscles. 

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How should Foo Dogs statutes be arranged?

The arrangement of the statutes is very important to derive maximum benefit from the Foo dogs. This is done to focus on balancing the energies to intensify great luck and harmony. 

It is advisable to place them on either side of the entry door facing in an outward direction. The male should be on the right side while the female on the left. 

However, if both the statues are of the same gender then you have to ensure the inner paws must be raised. The ancient Chinese lion dog still maintains the traditional values of its rich culture. It is utilised as a decorative feng shui showpiece to a magnificent artwork. While the spiritualistic people align it with divinity and light. 

Lastly, it won’t be wrong to say that even in the modern era, the foo dogs are believed to help serve the purpose of good luck, positivity and energy balance.


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