Five Things we can learn from a Samurai's life

In Japan, the samurai is considered the highest social rank of an individual. Samurais are warriors who are extremely skilled at warfare. They were warriors of premodern Japan. Swords are considered their symbolic weapon. These individuals are known for their dedication, discipline and lifestyle. Living a warrior lifestyle is a tough job. Today, we look up to these Samurai for their core values.

To serve as a memoir, several accessories such as samurai rings are available that represent a samurai’s life or tell a story about some of the well known legends such as Kusunoki Masashige and Miyamoto Musashi. They were samurai best known for discipline and values. A Samurai’s life can teach us some valuable lessons to be used in our daily lives.

Samurai jewelry and rings

Lessons from Samurai’s life

1.   Always Respect Other Individuals

An important etiquette that developed over the years in historical Japan, inspired by the Zen Buddhism culture was bowing. It is considered a sign of respect and every samurai has to abide by this principle before every fight. The samurai culture recognizes the importance of politeness and respect towards other living beings.

Respecting every individual whether a foe or friend shows the importance of soul over physical being. It helps in bringing a sense of mutual harmony towards others' existence.

2.   Stay Calm during Crisis

One of the basics behind a Samurai's success is keeping the flow of thoughts uniform under any circumstances. The mind is the greatest weakness and weapon of any and every individual.


An important lesson is taught through this quote to every samurai in their childhood days. In order to bring the best out of any individual, a mind that thinks clearly even during chaos is required.

3.   Be Prepared for the Worst

Another leaf from the Samurai handbook is to always keep yourself braced. By aiming to face the worst, you automatically ensure that there is nothing to lose.


For any Samurai, losing to death is the worst incident that could occur. Similarly, as individuals, we should prepare for meeting the hardest situations. It helps in bringing the best out of us.

4.   Never Stop Learning

Learning is an ever-lasting process. There is no fixed target where you could stop enlightening your mind. In the Samurai culture, there was always an open space to learn new art, music, poetry or gain some knowledge about a new land. The pen is always valued equally as the sword in Samurai culture. Education and knowledge are the most vital metrics to judge a man.

5.   Be Proud of your Journey

Experience is always the best teacher. Every time you fail or find yourself stuck, it brings a lesson. Every time that you move on from such situations, you leave a legacy behind. Japan is known for its Samurai legacy and is proud of that culture.

Similarly, as individuals, we should be proud of the experience gained through every phase of our lives.


Samurai culture is inspired by the Buddhist Zen culture in many aspects. The rise of the culture has also taught the world a number of lessons about how to live life the right way. It teaches a lot about sensible decision-making and practical living. Every individual can learn some important lessons from this culture to inculcate in their daily lives.